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Offshore Debit Card

Setting up an offshore bank account can be very easy as there are hundreds of offshore banks available in many offshore jurisdictions in the world. Once the process of setting up an offshore bank account is done or even before this choice is taken many people question how funds are going to be accessed since offshore banks are normally situated in countries which are really far from the bank account holder. Well there is no need to worry as offshore banks offer the same services as onshore banks and most offer services which are not offered by ordinary banks. Funds in offshore bank accounts can be accessed through debit cards and debits cards which are issued by the offshore banking institutions. The offshore bank account holder can request an offshore debit or credit card which the offshore bank issues as long as protocol is followed. The offshore bank account holder can request the amount of money to be placed on the debit card.

Debit cards are issued at almost all banking institutions of the world and the issuing debit cards is not just a service which is rendered by offshore banks. Offshore debit cards serve many purposes; an offshore debit card can be used for making purchases, they can be used at ATM for cash withdrawals or deposits. Most offshore banks provide the services of debit card for offshore bank account holders in order to make banking easier. Offshore banks issue international and well recognized debit cards. Offshore debit card are issued for corporation and individual accounts.

The offshore debit cards make funds which are in personal or corporate offshore bank accounts available on demand. The advantage of using an offshore debit card is that only funds available on the account can be accessed unlike credit cards which make funds available even if they are on the account and then exorbitant interest rates are charge. Some offshore banks place a maximum on the amount of cash which can be used from a debit per day and this may vary from one offshore bank to the next. Most banks allow $1000 per day but these banks also allow more than one debit card per bank account.

The services of offshore debit card are offered to corporate and individual offshore bank accounts and are available in multiple currencies. One of the major advantages of owning an offshore debit card is that these are acceptable at millions of ATM locations around the world which makes personal banking very easy and convenient. The offshore debit cards can be used to withdraw cash and some can be used to make cash or cheque deposits into offshore bank accounts. Offshore debit cards have many uses as they can be used to make internet purchases and can be used to pay for goods in shops and for other services as long as the persons offering the services accept debit cards.

Some offshore banks offer anonymous debit cards to clients which are often done for an additional fee. These offshore banks claim that the debit card which is being offered has no names registered on the magnetic strip of the offshore debit card. When making a transaction using this anonymous offshore debit card names are not left behind on the transaction only numbers. Offshore clients must be careful when choosing a bank or other types of company offering this anonymous offshore debit card as there are many scam companies out there waiting to get your money. Most time as soon as the registration fee is paid and a first deposit is made these companies disappear.

Since offshore debit cards are part of offshore banks services they also enjoy the privacy and secrecy which is awarded to offshore bank accounts. The records of debit card transactions cannot be divulged to third parties who are not authorized to have this information. Some debit cards do not have the name of the user printed on it and names of the authorized user do not appear on the transaction. This information is only known the bank which has issued the offshore debit card.

Most offshore debit cards issued by offshore bank are reloadable and offshore banks issue International debit cards which are well recognized. MasterCard and Visa are some of the cards being issued to offshore bank account holders.

Offshore debit cards make banking much easy and personal. By having an offshore debit card issued with an offshore bank account the account holder has direct control over the funds in the offshore account and eradicates the need for the account holder to travel to the offshore jurisdiction to access fund in the offshore bank account. Offshore debit cards come with low annual fees and there are offshore banks with no fees for the use of offshore debit cards.